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Anna Sinilo

- Statistics Student, SJSU

I found BYOR's phrase suggestion extremely useful, because it analyzes bullet points under your work experience and makes meaningful suggestions. Worth a try to those looking for a jobs in tech!

Steve Kim

- CS Student, SJSU

I was skeptical at first, but it did help me improve my resume. I even started to get some calls for interviews.

Wesley Ha

- Math Student, SJSU

I met with Akhilesh and we were able to go over my resume in person! His tips on how to improve my resume and on what I needed to improve on has helped me immensely in getting more interviews.

Roy Chen

- Software Engineering Intern, Google Play

I like the phrase suggestions generated from the website. They actually fit into my resume and were quite helpful.

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Akhilesh Gupta

Staff Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Stanford, MS Computer Science

Barbara Hanna

CEO of Cyant, Instructor at General Assembly
University of Cambridge, MS Engineering

Rohit Pandey

Senior Data Scientist at AZURE, Microsoft
Columbia, MS Operations Research

Jean-Ezra Yeung

Data Analyst at Mount Sinai Health System
Columbia, MPH, Health Policy

Spandana Nakka

Program Manager at Google Play, Google
Stanford, MS&E

Swaroop Rath

Lead Developer at Elementum
University of Oxford, MS Computer Science

Gokul Gunasekaran

PPMC, Committer, Apache Tephra at Apache
Stanford, MS Electrical Engineering

Louis Rassaby

Software Engineer at Phosphorus
Tufts University, BS Computer Science

Ye Cao

Software Engineer at Infrastructure, Facebook
Columbia University, MS Computer Science