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Job boards and networking sites are unreliable. Recruiting agencies are expensive.
We're building the most effective way to hire the best talent.

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How We Help You Hire

  • 22 Days

    As early as 14 days to hire engineers on average by our companies. The industry average is 40-50 days. Cut your hiring cycles in half.
  • 3%

    Only 3% of all engineers that sign up pass our screening process by our team made up of top engineering professionals
  • 48 hours

    Over 90% of interview invites are responded to within the first 48 hours after an invite is sent. Over 70% of sent interview invites are accepted.

How It Works

  • Tell us about your ideal candidate: What your team does and what you’re looking for in engineering hires.
  • We screen candidates for you. All BYOR candidates undergo an extensive technical screening.
  • We figure out which candidates are a good fit for your company. You bring them onsite for interviews.


  • Active

    All candidates are actively looking for the right opportunity, right now - no more wasted time.
  • Shortlisted

    by a combination of proprietary algorithms and an extensive in-house technical screening.
  • Affordable

    BYOR doesn't have candidate outreach team that drive up the cost. Save up to 50% per hire. Pay only when you hire.