How It Works

Sample AI Result (Free)
BYOR evaluates your resume and shows you suggestions like this...
Follow These 3 Steps
1. Upload
Our AI technology will review your resume the same way that employers' applicant tracking systems do.
2. Get AI checked
We parse every sentence that you wrote and use the deep learning algorithm to give you suggestions on what to improve upon.
3. Get Interviews
We match outstanding people with the world's most innovative companies. Invitation-only. You can opt out anytime.
How BYOR Phrase Suggestion Works
Extract sentences from your resume
Deconstruct those sentences into WHY & RESULT phrases
Convert them into 300 numbers (vectors)
Suggestions are sorted by BYOR Algorithm
Our Technology
We have launched a bold and ambitious effort to take phrase suggestion technology far beyond its present state.

Word Embedding

Uses numbers to represent words. For a neural network like word2vec, it uses 300-500 numbers. Once embeddings have been trained, we use them to derive similarities between phrases.


We use mathematical models for processing natural language. We are particularly interested in algorithms that scale well and can be run efficiently in a highly distributed environment.

PCFG Parser

Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars parsers use knowledge of language gained from hand-parsed sentences to produce the most likely analysis of new sentences.

Neural Network

To approximate NLP understanding, we use a neural network with enough hidden layers.

Multi Processing

We use parallel processing in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously to give you the suggestions fast.

Text Extraction

We extract plain text embedded in your PDF resumes and cleanse it before parsing.


Why are you providing the AI service for free?

To support the engineering student community, to provide a test bench for our tools (you would not believe the strange text some people submit), and to promote BYOR.
BYOR asks users for feedback (Do you remember, red, yellow, green butttons on the result page?) on the suggestions it returns. You are participating in making our algorithm better.

How do you make money?

We are matching qualified candidates with top tech companies only when candidates explictly give us the permission to do so. We do not sell your resume to recruiters or any other company. We do not associate with any recruiting firm. Unless you give us the permission to match you with a job, your resume and contact information won't be shared with anybody.

Can my resume be indexed by search engines?

No. Resumes uploaded on BYOR cannot be indexed by search engines.

How about hiring managers, can they view or browse my resume?

No. We do not offer access to our resume database to anybody.